Here's how I could support Betsy DeVos...















Betsy DeVos is a big proponent of school "choice".


I will support Ms. DeVos if she can can guarantee that every family has the opportunity to "choose" a school in their neighborhood or community that...

  • transports their child to and from school on well-maintained and safe buses driven by qualified, professional drivers
  • feeds hungry children a healthy breakfast and lunch
  • provides a full array of special needs services *and* opportunities for gifted students
  • doesn't use draconian and militaristic behavior management techniques that emphasize control over respect, and that doesn't expel students whose test scores may not help the school achieve "adequate yearly progress"
  • offers a rich, comprehensive curriculum that includes music, art, and physical education in addition to the other academic disciplines
  • has a faculty of qualified, certified career teachers, supported by high-quality professional development opportunities, and work under appropriate course loads, class sizes, and working conditions
  • is led by a certified administrative team that consists of persons with teaching degrees, and classroom teaching experience
  • is staffed by registered nurses, certified librarians, social workers, school psychologists, guidance and career counselors
  • is governed by an elected school board that is made up of members of the local community
  • takes all students, without regard for socio-economic status, academic ability, physical, mental, or behavioral disabilities

If Betsy DeVos can guarantee that privatizing schools, destroying unions, and replacing certified teachers and public schools with "value schools" with computer-delivered classes, virtual "teachers," and online degrees can accomplish all of these goals, then I'll be the first one to support her agenda.


But until that time, in Betsy's own words: “people like you must surely be stopped.'"