The Hypocrisy of John Kasich

John Kasich just blew his chance at being Vice President by calling Donald Trump a toxic influence on the American political scene. No way to walk that one back, John. You actually told the truth, and for that you will pay. Republican voters don't care about the truth--as we have heard countless times, "they are angry," which apparently justifies violent and divisive rhetoric, and increasingly, actions.


I'd be impressed by Mr. Kasich's attempt at statesmanship if I hadn't watched from across the border as he destroyed Ohio's schools and economy by instituting massive tax cuts that benefit big business and the wealthiest citizens in his state. While he may be trying to recast himself in the role of the "responsible adult in the room" during this primary, remember that Mr. Kasich's policies are not notably different from Mr. Trump's in many ways, and he has a visible track record of the scorched earth left behind in Ohio as a result of those policies.

This is also the same John Kasich who has watched idly from the sidelines for months as Mr. Trump has escalated his irresponsible rhetoric, and as numerous protestors have been brutally beaten at Trump rallies--but now has decided to respond forcefully to last night's riot. The question will be what motivated Mr. Kasich to awaken from his slumber: righteous indignation, or political opportunism, with Ohio's primary looming just around the corner.


We just saw Mr. Kasich attempt the political version of a "Hail Mary." He's trying to capitalize on last night's riot in Chicago to amplify his faux message of maturity and reasonableness in a last ditch effort at winning his home state of Ohio. Kasich's hope is that a victory in Ohio makes him relevant again in the race for the White House--but his quest depends entirely on Mr. Trump continuing to incite violence among his followers. It's a dangerous gamble for everyone concerned, and is a game that will result only in losers.