The Stunning Arrogance and Ignorance of Rick Snyder

While children and teachers in Detroit are forced to attend schools where black mold and mushrooms grow, and windows need to be propped open in the winter because the boilers can’t be regulated, Gov. Snyder enjoys his recently renovated $2 million condo in swanky downtown Ann Arbor.


While nearly 9000 children in Flint must undergo mandatory blood tests that will likely reveal permanent brain damage caused by lead leached from water pipes, Gov. Snyder enjoys a daily chauffeured limousine ride to Lansing every day, eschewing his taxpayer-provided and maintained mansion in Lansing.


While Flint’s 100,000 citizens must rely on bottled water and try to avoid ingesting any tap water while they bathe or brush their teeth, Gov. Snyder deflects responsibility for his incompetence by blaming civil servants who were following his orders.


While Michigan’s citizens watch the national media mock our state for man-made disasters and epic displays of governmental mismanagement, Gov. Snyder hires a PR firm to spin his negative press clippings.


Mr. Snyder—if you have a shred of decency remaining, and care about this state, do the right thing: resign. Now. Spare us all the indignity of you pretending to “fix” the problems you have created through a pathetic blend of arrogance and ignorance.


Please, just go away.